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    PcItalian649 Guest

    Edit SFO or Working Netflix APP?

    Having issues trying to edit the SFO for Netflix, the program keeps crashing.

    "Unhandled exeption has occurred in your application. blah blah

    I'd like to be able to edit the new Netflix app to work with 3.41 so i can watch videos on it (The google tv netflix app sucks still).

    I hit continue and nothing loads:

    [Register or Login to view code]

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    bitsbubba Guest
    Having the same problems, even tried hex editor can't find anything to work to get this app working, it still asks for 3.42+ update.

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    PcItalian649 Guest
    Well i was able to edit the .SFO on a different computer, however saving it and reopening it doesn't show any changes. I've checked to see if the file was "Read-Only" and it wasnt.

    I replaced the one on the PS3 with the one i edited and a different eboot and it still asks for 3.42. My guess is that the .sfo editor needs to be updated because sony encrypted something in the new SFO's.

    Any dev's reading this want to give some input? I'll gladly offer $5 for a working netflix app for my 3.41.

    Anyone else want to add to this pool?

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