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    biohazard55 Guest

    Question Edit Backupmanager.pkg, custom Backgrounds?


    is it possible to inject an nice, sleek wallpaper in the BM.pkg file ?

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    CnSonicDongle Guest
    It could be possible. You would need to extract the PKG file using the SDK and then repack it afterwards.

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    Gunner54 Guest
    Yes, I've done it when I was making it appear stealth.

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    randalf Guest

    Yes.. Remember specifications กก

    Still image icon
    File name: ICON0.PNG
    format: PNG
    resolution:32bit, 24bit 320X176

    Background image
    File name: PIC1.PNG
    format: PNG
    24bit 1920 x 1080
    32bit, 24bit 1000 x 560

    Background music
    File name: SND0.AT3
    format: ATRAC3plus

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    skdajgh Guest
    Quote Originally Posted by Gunner54 View Post
    Yes, I've done it when I was making it appear stealth.
    Yep it worked great when you made it stealth -_- Black Ops my butt lol

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