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Thread: Easier way of playing PS2 backups?

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    blood911 Guest

    Easier way of playing PS2 backups?

    I have an 80GB PS3 NTSC on FW 2.43 and I have Swap Magic 3.6. I know how to load up ELF files on the PS3 now so I decided to see if USBADVANCE.ELF boots up. I was surprised because barely any of my ELF files did. I don't have a big enough USB stick (256mb) that is compatible so if anyone wants to see if it works, by all means post the results.

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    leonidas26 Guest
    It boots and would probably work if it had the right usb drivers. unfortunately the ones it uses are incompatible with the ps3.

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    idone Guest
    ^incompatible usb drivers are embedded in the elf. If this issue was resolved we may have better results.

    But it is unknown if this is the only restraint as of now.

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