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    Mantagtj Guest

    Thumbs Down EA online pass help?

    So I bought NFS Hot pursuit 2nd hand for 20 and now EA want me to pay 7.99 to play online WTLF? Might as well have had a copy... did you hear me EA you are forcing second hand buyers into piracy because of charging people stupid prices if it was 1/2 maybe but 7.99.

    This is seriously pathetic and I am FUMING, thats it for online play on the PS3 now, going to the PC and getting a hacked PS3 FU EA you are seriously so pathetic you money making bunch of SOBs.

    On the other hand does anyone have a code that works? <- thats my question!!. LOL

    Thank you to all the other serious gamers out there who understand my pain. Boss sorry for sounding off !

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    TheShroomster Guest
    This is going to be the new standard with game company's i really don't like the idea being I use gamefly to try out games and when all is said and done the average user wont be able to use any online features of a rented game without paying as much to use it online as it costs to have a monthly subscription to a rental service.

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