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Thread: E3 flasher update problem help?

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    jackkiej Guest

    E3 flasher update problem help?


    I have an E3 flasher correctly installed, because when I start the PS3 the blue lights are on, but the problem is, when I try to update the e3 flasher the blue lights should turn on when the update is successful, but they dont.. and after turning the PS3 off the update.bin file on the micro sd is also disappeared. please help.


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    technodon Guest
    it does dissapear if updated sucessfully. so i guess it worked?

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    Bigbones87 Guest
    which update are you doing? the dual boot or samsung?

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    jackkiej Guest
    the regular one because I don't want dual boot at the moment

    and no, the blue lights doesn't go on at all

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    technodon Guest
    just go for it, try to make and backup and see if it goes well, remember to extract the backup with flowrebulder and make sure that you have no data corruption before you write to the ps3 flash, cause if you do dont have a proper backup the ps3 will be permanently bricked.

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    mushy409 Guest
    Biggest problem with the E3 is those clips sometimes don't go on well due to the little ceramic capacitors next to the NOR flash. Make sure the clip is connected evenly and not propped up by any SMD parts underneath. Failure to do so will result in sony-style death.

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