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    westlers Guest

    E3 Flasher question help?

    I want an e3 flasher , but i don't know which one to get. Can someone tell me ?

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    TitanTX Guest
    What console do you have, and what is your model number, model number will determine if you have a nor or nand console. To locate model number check at the back or below of your PS3 system

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    BluRay Guest
    I'd say It would be nice if you do some search on your own, flashers aren't fool proof and while we can try to help you, you should try to get as much information as possible before buying one and attempting to install It.

    By looking at this I'd say the limited version might be worth It. It seems to be more newbie friendly, you got the NOR clip there and some tools/cable that I'm not sure if It comes with the regular version.

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    TitanTX Guest
    Side note look at a video by ChrisTechTV showing how to install the clip on the system, he also has the limited edition of the e3 flasher.

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    westlers Guest
    I've got Fat 80 GB ps3 CECHM03.

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    rileysnotz Guest
    The E3 will work with your model. I have one myself and installation is easy if you follow the steps accurately. However the quality of the clip is questionable and you'll need to be careful the pins don't get messed up.

    Note : the limited edition of the flasher includes the esata station. If you have an esata station or drive already you can get the normal e3.

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