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Thread: E3 Flasher Limited Questions help?

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    qUaK3R Guest

    E3 Flasher Limited Questions help?

    Hey everyone,

    So, i'm about to receive a e3 flasher limited at home, but, after weeks of searching the web, and trying to translate english, french, german, and romanien to my language, i still have some doubts, beacause of the bogus information i sometimes find.

    i have a ps3 slim CECH-2000 something (yes, it's compatible), and it's now on 3.70 something firmware. The thing i wanted to do is getting it to run on dual boot, between 4.11 OFW and 3.55 CFW, but NOT the cfw E3 provides, since it's outdated, and their multiMAN is also outdated.

    The CFW i wanted to use was either kmeaw's, rebug's, or rogeros, and with that, using the latest multiMAN. Is it possible to do the process directly and have what i wanted, or do i have to take a risk to get the CFW of my choice, or is it simply not possible, and i have to get stuck with E3 material? Does someone recomends something else?

    I think i have all the files i need, OFW 4.11, E3 Files, PS3Jig for PSP and up to date multiMAN. The use i want to give to my ps3, is to run some "Backups" (not counting on recent ones, but counting with some that i can patch, even if i don't know how yet), running some emulators, and sometimes, swapping to OFW to use PSN, and some original games i got (yes, i've got some ).

    Thanks in advance

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    technodon Guest
    my advice would be not to attempt dual booting, when i tried it caused nothing but problems and i bricked a ps3. i prefer to update from 3.55 to 4.11 then downgrade back to 3.55 again anyway this way i can sync trophies from my backup games.. if you want to install different firmwares best to install otherOS++ then run QA flag extra .pkg once the console is QA flagged you can downgrade without any data being deleted from the harddrive and you can install any firmware you wish as long as your console supported it originally.

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    qUaK3R Guest
    First, thanks for your reply. So, you're telling me, that everytime you want to go "legit", you just update your ps3 to 4.11? So, if you want to go "pirate" again, you have to do the same process, backup nor, downgrade, install cfw 3.55, install packages, and then run backups right?

    I Think that would be ok.. It's almost the same as dual boot, but it takes longer right? Now, about otherOS++... i don't know nothing about that, i think the only thing i know is that it has to be installed from 3.41 right? So, if i do that process, and instal QA .pkg, what to i gain with that, besides not losing info on my HDD?

    Is it needed to install, for example, kmeaw's, instead of using E3 CFW? Or can i do that, the first time i downgrade my ps3? My PS3 is a CHEC-2004A, and the minimum OFW it supports is 2.70 i guess. It's definitly 2. something.

    Regarding the dual boot, i already have a second HDD prepared only for backups... So i wouldn't lose my original stuff. I don't care that much about trophies either... Can you tell me what kind of problems you had with fast dual boot?

    Thanks again.

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