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    haze67 Guest

    e3 flash/hdmi or vga help?

    Hey guys,

    i have put the 2504B 1A put aside and lucky enough got my hands on a FAT CECHL04-- OFW 4.00

    i've made the E3flasher installation and must say it went pretty good first try the softboard was just a bit to short to fit on tfboard heh

    anyway, i have it connected via HDMI, now i thought i read you must use VGA instead for downgrading? or does HDMI works?

    at least it boots fine installation correct

    alright, HDMI is only when entering factory/service mode, then there is no screenoutput, form normal operation its no problem?
    really, excuse all the questions guys, so many info, its hurting my brain...

    btw, i try to load all "psgrade.hex" files, the x2tool log shows: File does not contain valid descriptor,please try another hex

    not supported i guess, really need another dongle for this, or is there a hex file floating arround?

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    haze67 Guest

    CECHL04 fat

    hey guys,

    to be save i plugged it via VGA. i'm positive all installed correctly, all im getting is "failed to initialize PS3 bios"

    its secured with foam, but the clip made a nice click noise when installing anyways?

    only thing i can try is cleaning the legs with alcohol, would it be that simple?

    this is costing money hehe.. and not working afterall

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    racer0018 Guest
    Ok from my experience most of the time that you get that message you have a problem that it is not hooked up right. When I first used my e3 I had to bend all the bins out a little on the clip. Try to reinstall it and see what happens. Thanks

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