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    sharred Guest

    Thumbs Down DVD playback lost after downgrade help?

    Hi there, i used teensy 2.0 with the psgrade to downgrade my fat ps3 which had 3.50 firmware everything went ok but now I cant watch any dvd, i dont care about bluray movies, i thought the problem was only with the bluray movies. Is it a confirmed bug or something or the problem is related to the fact that we had the ps3 connected via scart on an hdtv?I cant find the hdmi cable to try it.

    This is my log:

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    Apr 2005


    If you haven't seen it already check out this article: http://www.ps4news.com/ps3-hacks-jai...k-fix-arrives/

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    sharred Guest
    But DRL files are for bluray movies, will this fix the dvd playback too? It doesn't say that the DVD playback is prohibitted on this machine, this is the error that pop ups for bluray movies.

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    flashpc Guest
    Does it not play at all or does the sound play with no picture?

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    sharred Guest
    It doesnt Play any DVD it says that PAL region is not supported. My PS3 is PAL and i always used Region 2 DVDs, after the downgrade reacts as if my PS3 became a NTSC one.

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    givemethefile Guest
    Sounds like the DVD region of your PS3 was changed during the downgrade. Try the fix mentioned above, it pretty much solves the same issue for blu ray discs.

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    sharred Guest
    But this ps3 never played any bluray movie.

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    givemethefile Guest
    The error is the same as the blu ray, it doesn't matter if you haven't played any blu ray movies, your "movie region" has been changed so it no longer plays PAL dvd's. Try the fix posted above, you don't really have much to lose.

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