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Thread: Dumping NAND Flash from PS3 help?

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    Bulion Guest

    Dumping NAND Flash from PS3 help?


    I looking way to replace broken NAND Flash in my PS3 (bad blocks). It cause RSOD. I want to buy a new one NAND and program it by dumped files, from original. Can it work? I have skills to do it but i don't know is it possible. Maybe is somehow encrypted.

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    Shabang22 Guest
    Have fun with that, buy/make a NOR flasher and get to work.

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    Bulion Guest
    you mean NAND flasher? Or in PS3 is NOR Flash ??

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    joffe Guest
    Depends on model. CECHA.. CECHG have 256MB NAND (2x128MB), later models have 16MB NOR.

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