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    theinfinite Guest

    Dual NAND PCB 1Gbit 128MB adapter help?

    I just received one of these things today. I have no idea how to use htis thing as I thought it would be like the solderless 360 clip but it has some chip on it. How do I use this thing?

    I was just thinking that maybe this thing must be flashed onto and then transferred onto the PS3 NAND or one of them. Am I right? Or no? Any help would be very appreciated as well as some info on this thing. Thanks.

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    niwakun Guest
    NAND chip of X360 and PS3 are totally different, pinouts are also entirely different, unless this things can be sort out in a mouse click if you were using a progskeet.

    And the product was advertised to be worked on X360 so why do you expect it to work on PS3?

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    theinfinite Guest
    My Fat PS3 has dual NAND.

    I guess I expected it to work on my PS3 because of the dual NAND feature and it says 128MB so I figured that this thing would work probably better than the 360 clips or even be faster.

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