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Thread: Dual HDD's for 3.55 and 4.55 for Upgrade/Downgrade help?

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    pasadena Guest

    Dual HDD's for 3.55 and 4.55 for Upgrade/Downgrade help?

    Hi All,

    I have a phat PS3 60GB that I want to keep dual HDD's for when I upgrade and downgrade.

    I have a 250GB HDD setup for 3.55 CFW Kmeaw, which I use for SACD ripping and I also have a 750GB HDD for 4.55 CFW for general game play. I would stick with the latter but since the sacd-ripper utility only supports 3.55, I require a 2 HDD setup.

    This is so far a trial by trial procedure and tailoring as I go by:

    1. I initially started with a 250GB internal HDD on 3.55 CFW Kmeaw, backed it up to an external USB HDD and then upgraded a 750GB HDD. My 250GB 3.55 CFW Kmeaw was used for sacd ripping

    2. I did the QA toggling and EID backup before upgrading to Habib Cobra CFW 4.55 1.3.

    3. Before downgrading. I copied the games onto an external USB HDD and then downgraded using recovery mode with Rogero 3.55 downgrader. Everything started up ok except that I had to format the HDD due to incompatabilities with 4.55. I then applied 3.55 CFW Kmeaw via recovery mode and all is good.

    My question is, on the proviso that I had a 250GB with 3.55 on it, before downgrading from from 4.55 using recovery mode, can you shut down the PS3, replace the 750GB with the 250GB and then perform the downgrade?

    When the PS3 starts up with rogero 3.55 it will detect the Kmeaw 3.55 250 HDD and therefore will not need to format the HDD? Just trying to work out a method without the need where the HDD is formatted each time and having to re-install all the games and utilities.

    Has anyone done this, if so, what procedures did you follow it when downgrading and upgrading between the 2 versions?

    Thanks and cheers

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    misiozol Guest
    Very important info is missing what console you have ?

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    pasadena Guest
    Apologize.... CECHC02

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    misiozol Guest
    Yes it's possible one of flashers offers dual boot and will fit this console snugly, with press of switch you can change data banks no need for updating and downgrading console as this is always risk of brick, instead use dual boot

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