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    Strike Venom Guest

    Confused DRM Content on Debug PS3?

    Is it possible to use drm protected content (like dlc's or extensions) on a debug PS3?

    I grabbed the link of the pkg, extracted it and transfered the content over to the game folder, then I have gone to Playstation Store -> My Downloads -> Clicked on the content, waited until it says "Activating..." and after this I cancelled the download.

    The Game (MW3) shows up the content like if it's installed and if I use the PS3 *CHECK option, the PS3 says everything is OK, but it stops working on loading the content. Any help?

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    ivanjerome81 Guest
    yes u can activating dont mean that u r downloading the pkg...u dont need to cancel coz i cancel by itself error 8000xx67 something like that coz the pkg or dlc is retail... the debug ps3 only work with debug pkg.You have to convert a retail pkg to debug one.

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