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    Dragon Crown PS3 1.01 patch help?

    hello, i tried searching but it says i have to post before i search so i'm posting. I have dragons crown but I can not go online any more... not banned just no access for ps3 online.

    I would like the new patch if possible as it makes some changes and i have a game breaking error in my current save and cannot progress past the Pirates Den boss which is invisible lol

    Can someone direct me to the manual file on line for a patch so i can put it on my ps3 hard drive and upload via the dash etc.

    i presume this is ok to ask for?


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    Use a PS3 game updater such at this one ( and manually enter the game id (Ex: BLES1234) to look for the latest update. Download the .PKG file and then manually install it on your PS3.

    Also in future if you need any help regarding the PS3 post in this ( section

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    Thank you I will, my apologies and dont bother seeing elysium at the cinema, wait till its on line ?

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