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Thread: Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition 3.55 Internal help?

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    danysan2002 Guest

    Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition 3.55 Internal help?

    Hello all. I have this problem with Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition (BLES01076).

    I can't get the voices to work from internal. I tried MultiMan and Gaia, but it doesn't work. I start the game with disc-in, from the home_app folder (the disc doesn't work. You get the title screen, but after you press START nothing happen). I created a character (pressed [] when the black screen appeared), but I have no voices... I don't know what to do, I've heard that the Ultimate Edition works good on external, but my memory stick it's only 14.9 gb and it doesn't fit.

    Or, is there any solution to play this game with all the expansions? I mean, I can get from a friend the normal version (~10gb), back-up it, but how do I get the dlcs to work? Please, help me. I've searched this forum, found 3-4 topics, but no fix for this problem. I found one guy who worked the voices thing up, but he didn't tell us more details.

    Thank you very much!!

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    severusx Guest
    I would recommend that you try to get a larger external HD and move the game there. Launch it with MultiMan using the Select+X method. Be sure to delete any Game Data before launching it this way.

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