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Thread: Downside to Getting Used PS3 Games?

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    v3ng3ance Guest

    Downside to Getting Used PS3 Games?

    I saw a store near where I live that sells second hand PS3 games and i wanted to get some games but I wanted to find out first if there are any downside to buying used games... thanks.

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    So far only for those games which have some kind of code redemption / activation included in the packaging (either bonus or online activation) like some latest EA games etc. But with majority games there is no problem as far as you'd get some warranty on the BD itself in case it's damaged.

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    anulu82 Guest
    i have bought many 2nd hand PS3 games when i have sold my CFW 3.55 slim and got a new one which instantly was upgraded to 3.61. i think if the price (with additionally the online pass) is cheaper compared to a new one, then i don't see any point to buy the new.

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