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    Bjornp Guest

    Question download SingStore songs free?


    I think why are we not allowed to share songs from SingStore?

    If I buy some song from the store it will be downloaded to the HDD... but can we not copy it over to another PS3 HDD? and use it...

  2. #2
    cucu21 Guest
    i dont know, but i'm doubtful because i tried copying some gh3 dlc onto a memory stick and no luck it was not allowed.

  3. #3
    IanJ Guest
    I had this problem too. I had to uninstall from 1 console then call customer support who issued me a credit and then I had to download them all again (which was quite good because my kids didn't use a couple of the songs after the first go!)

  4. #4
    Bjornp Guest
    Except if a person from DEV team could try and download a song and look after modifications at HDD?

  5. #5
    cjroderiques Guest
    ya, i tried and i ended up deleting it from my hdd..

  6. #6
    gtxboyracer Guest
    Hmmm.. or at least offer some way to use the SingStar PS2 discs whilst playing the PS3 version to use the songs/videos.. that way we don't have to purchase the songs/videos twice.

  7. #7
    Lothar240 Guest
    in fact you can insert a ps2 singstar disc while playing singstar on ps3 (even if your ps3 isn't backwards compatible)

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