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Thread: Download PSN Games thru Proxy then Activate thru PSN?

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    LinsonChan Guest

    Download PSN Games thru Proxy then Activate thru PSN?

    Is it possible to just Download tekken thru the PC and Activate it online rather than download the game directly thru online it takes forever to finish....

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    VendeTTaa Guest
    No i'm afraid. You must download and install it from the PSN store for it to activate

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    aldostools Guest
    I haven't tried with Tekken, but it should be possible due some demos that require activation (NHL 08, MX vs ATV, etc) can be installed through proxy if you first "touch" the download through PSN to activate them.

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    deagon Guest
    With tekken it doesnt be work because you need a activation for the game

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    Nemis Guest
    YES !

    i have download WH from the link in this site, upload on ps3 with ps3proxy and ... copyright error
    so i have buy WH from store and STOPPED DL at 1% or a bit more and the game is full activated without dl all .pkg from store.

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    pyosnka Guest
    Activation does not always work. I think it works with Super Rub-A-Dub, though.

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    aldostools Guest
    Activating the download on the Download List of PSN Store first, cancel the download (just after the 'activated' message or at 1% or less), copy the PSN link to download on PC, then install on PS3 using the PS3.Proxy have worked for me.

    I have installed successfully PAIN, Warhawk Omega Dawn and others using this method. All them have been purchased to appear on the Download List (otherwise they will not work). Same with demos that require activation, like MX vs ATV and NHL08.

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