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    Alaa Guest

    Download PS3 Demos through PC help?

    Hello. I want to download the Mass Effect 3 demo. For certain reasons, I can't download it directly through the PS3. Is there a way to download it on the PC first? I remember there was the proxy method (obtaining the link from the PS3 and download it on the PC first).

    I vaguely remember the method; I need some looking around. But, does it still work? Is there another way? Also, is there a thread/post listing the download links for all/most demos?

    I'm on the latest firmware 4.11.

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    sangimed Guest
    No way dude maybe on a CFW but on a OFW that's not possible.

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    Neo Cyrus Guest
    Even if you got a demo on your PC and put it on a USB stick or something to install it's not possible without CFW.

    If a PC version of ME3's demo exists you might as well try playing that.

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    Alaa Guest
    Meh, I don't like playing games on the PC; it's not a gaming console.

    So using your PC as a proxy and obtaining and downloading the demo won't work?

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    technodon Guest
    Yes. it is possible, download charles web debugging proxy. then in cmd.exe type ipconfig /all this will show your computers i.p address on your ps3 goto internet settings change proxy server to your computer i.p then set port as 8888 default for charles but can be changed sign in goto playstation store and click download. you should see the link in charles right click, copy the url then paste it into your bowers window and save it somewhere

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    Alaa Guest
    technodon, yes I'm already downloading the file. I found an old PS3 Proxy GUI folder on my laptop (the GUI is by CF3B5, not sure if that's the Charles Web you're referring to).

    I hope this works though; I only used this GUI back when we could trick the PS3 by telling it that firmware 0.0000 is allowed to log into PSN, ha. Oh the good old days.


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