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    meatybytes Guest

    Question Download PS3 Amounts


    Im a newbie looking to buy a PS3. I'm wondering how big are the PS3 full game downloads such as Tekken 5 and also the average MB cost of gaming online. Im looking to change my internet service so I want to take this into account. Thanks for your help.

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    snazzychazzy Guest
    Full game downloads won't help you, as the ps3 is not currently moddable. But any decent high speed internet should be more than suitable to play online.

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    pacific808 Guest
    Well some games are like 15-20 bucks. I think tekken is around 20. But full games like warhawk and gran turismo are about 35-40 bucks I think. But most game demos are anywhere from 800mb-1.2gb. I wouldn't worry so much about your isp as I have a dsl isp and I get about 1mb/sec download speed on demos and stuff on a wired connection.

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