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    Question Downgrading question with P3GO help?

    Hi guys,

    So, I just got an E3 for downgrading my PS3. I checked all things and it is a NOR so that will be alright. Now I watched the tutorial and the guy there used a P3GO to put it in service mode I think?

    My question is, do I need to have a P3GO? Or can I do it without it (ex. a normal usb stick or something?)

    Thanks in advance,


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    Oct 2012
    you will need some form of jig as far as i'm aware. any of the dongles should work with the correct hex file. e3, PS break, there is a way with a psp or psp go using pspjig or whatever its called. it never worked for me.. it will show you when to use the jig/dongle.

    i think there's a tutorial somewhere on PS3News forums too.

    if i am correct and a jig/dongle is required, don't rely on the pspjig working i couldn't get into fsm with it on a psp.

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    Oct 2012
    Use an e3 that should work. Be warned that you don't damage your PS3 parts when doing this, if you have done this before like soldering etc then go ahead but take precaution is all I'm saying.

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    I use that p3go and its working 100%

    i own them and tested him !

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