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Thread: Downgrading PS3 two of them help?

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    classa Guest

    Downgrading PS3 two of them help?

    Ok i have two ps3's one that is on firmware 3.55 and another that is on 3.55. 1 is a launch 60gb model the other is an 80gb model. i have problem trying to downgrade both of them. a while a go i downgraded the 80gb model to 3.41 then upgraded it to ofw 3.55. now when i try and downgrade it again it just keeps booting up in to the service mode. now for the weird part.

    the 60gb launch model was on 3.41 and i up graded to 3.55 ofw i have never downgraded this model. well i tried to downgrade it and it does exactly the same as the 80gb model it goes straight back to the xmb in service mode.

    any help would be very helpful as it is driving me nuts. i only want one ps3 downgraded to firmware 3.00 to get ride of that cinavia crap. thanks.

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    pinoytechno Guest
    let's wait the other member!

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    technodon Guest
    you must have the wrong lv2diag.self to take the console out of factory service mode, try the one from the e3 site.

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    plangston Guest
    classa, you may want to look into QA flagging.

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    classa Guest
    sorry i have not replied to this for a while. what is the QA flagging and how can this help me downgrade? sorry about the noob question. lol

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    technodon Guest
    you put the 2nd lv2diag.self on the root of a usb stick to take the console out of factory service mode

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