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Thread: Downgrading PS3 help?

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    gluiperd90 Guest

    Stick Out Tongue Downgrading PS3 help?

    Hey everyone! I'm a newb when it comes to this, however i do have a question

    from what i've read I can't downgrade my ps3 since I currently am on OFW 4.30. This only can be done by or a ps3 with OFW 3.55 or flashing my ps3 if i'm correct? for me both of those 2 aren't an option.

    however i did read a post about LV0 Keys that have leaked. does this mean i can downgrade my OFW 4.30 in the future or near future?
    or is there simply no hope for downgrading my PS3?

    Anyway thanks in advance!


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    racer0018 Guest
    No you will still need a flasher to downgrade the ps3. If you don't want to flash the chip on the ps3 there are people that will do this for you for a fee. I do it and mushy also does. Take a look in the for sale area. Also if you have a ps3 the is model 3000 or higher don't ask thu can't be downgraded. Thanks

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    gluiperd90 Guest
    thank you for your quick reply! well i do need someone to flash it for me than, however i live in holland

    I did some research and found out some people can do it for me, but live on the other side of the country but i keep looking!

    anyhow thank you very much


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