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Thread: Downgrading PS3 help?

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    pimix2009 Guest

    Question Downgrading PS3 help?

    So I'm trying to downgrade my PS3 from 4.11 and all these sites with E3 Flasher got different details it's so confusing. So I was wonder can anyone that knows about it tell me what I need so I can downgrade my PS3 and enjoy CFW 4.30

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    G Sus Guest
    if your on 4.11 OFW you will need a hardware flasher. to downgrade. it involves opening the case and either soldering wires or installing a clip. they're also expensive and cheaper to buy another ps3 on 3.55.

    if you do go the downgrade route, its safer to get someone else to do it unless you feel confident opening up your ps3.

    look in the forums there is a thread for ps3 downgrade and unbricking service. i'm sure someone in there could help you out.

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    Unregisteredyow Guest
    It's safer to backup your NAND before you try to downgrade. Also, you need a PS3 that came with OFW 3.55 or less. Then use a hardware flasher in order to downgrade, install QA Flags and your ready.

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    TitanTX Guest
    Yea thats true, you do need to determine what firmware your PS3 came with out of the factory, if its above 3.55 then you can't downgrade even with a flasher as it may result in a brick in your console, as Luci Ferson suggested get another ps3 with 3.55 already there so you don't even need a flasher.

    Of course a flasher would be a great tool to have in case anything does go wrong with the upgrade process, to check if you have a downgradable console use MinVerChk, and yea like Luci said get someone to downgrade it for you to avoid messing up your system

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    aanaskhan2003 Guest

    Question 3.56

    how can i exit fsm 3.56?

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    ROOKI3 Guest
    if you mean ofw 3.56, you need to downgrade back to 3.55, but only if your console came with ofw 3.55 or less.

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    BluRay Guest
    You know the sticker at the back of your PS3?

    There will be CECH-XXXX, tell us the numbers at XXXX. Some 25xx and all 3xxx or higher can't be downgraded to 3.55.

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    aanaskhan2003 Guest

    Exclamation It came with 3.15

    model number is CECH-2008A i am stuck in 3.56 service mode OFW.

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    BluRay Guest
    Dude, keep your question in your thread, If nobody answers, It's because nobody knows the answer.

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    kal727 Guest
    If your model number is CHECH-2008A and you want to downgrade/unbrick your PS3 you have NOR and can be downgraded with all the major flashers (Teensy++/Progsket/E3). You can get a flasher or find somebody who is offering a NOR downgrade service.

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