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    Downgrading a PS3 3.72 60 gig help?

    OK just a few questions really.

    Basically I see a E3 flasher, a E3 card reader and also someplaces saying you have to solder.

    So which one is right?

    I know the card reader is a card reader but it also says it can downgrade so I am confused.

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    Oct 2008
    The E3 flasher is the NAND flasher part - there is some soldering, but there are NAND clips (solderless) for it.

    The E3 Card Reader is basically the dongle part - You can program it to act as either a Jailbreak or Service Mode dongle.

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    Ok can you give me a basic list of things, I havent soldered anything before but have a soldering iron so if its simple enough I can do it without it but if not the kit.

    So I need the flasher and the card reader?

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    Oct 2008
    Depends on if you plan on downgrading below 3.55.

    The E3 Flasher is solderless - so no soldering is required (just checked their site)

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    Well I just want to downgrade and thats it though dual boot sounds good.

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    The progskeet is solderless as well. But you have to get a clip with it. The e3 the clip comes with the kit.

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    can you please list everything needed to downgrade the ps3 nand with the progskeet.. name of clip and whatever else you need or is there a ps3 pack available for solderless on 256 nand 60gig?


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