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Thread: Downgrading and Bluray playback help?

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    Carlcox89 Guest

    Downgrading and Bluray playback help?

    1. Is it true that downgrading is only working with PS3 that already had fw <3.50 installed ?
    2. Are PHAT (256mb NAND) the only ones that lose bluray playback or SLIM ones are affected too ?
    3. Those who already where at firmware like 3.41 and do a backup of dev_flash2 & 3, downgrade and lost bluray playback, if they restore those files are they able to have bluray again or not, cause some say yes, some say no, what's the final word ?

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    rocco99 Guest
    See here for several Blu-ray fixes:

    See here for Blu-ray working/not working user feedback:

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