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    Question Downgrade by Spoofing older Firmware as newest version?

    Hi guys,

    after several Hours of reading and studying the jailbreak scene, i thought if it would be possible to downgrade a 3.6X Console,
    by using a similiar trick like this http://www.ps4news.com/forums/ps3-gu...on-110525.html

    The Idea is that what should be able to update a 3.6X Console by Installing for example a 3.55 Firmware spoofed as 3.70 Firmware.

    But maybe all Im saying now is bull then don't mind my thoughts for this subject.

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    Yea, that sadly won't work.. it's been tried in the past (long ago) though.

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    The only way currently to downgrade a 3.6x + console is by hardware flashing... Check the Guides and Tutorials section.

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