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    Downgrade a Slim 3.50 PS3 Without Formatting?


    My slim PS3 is currently jailbroken on 3.41 firmware. I'd like to update it to 3.50 firmware to play games like NFS: Hot Pursuit & Gran Turismo 5.

    Once I've finished playing, I would like to downgrade back to 3.41 firmware to continue using the jailbreak. Now, I've read in quite a few places that with slim consoles only, the downgrade formats your internal hard drive.

    I have a 650GB internal hard drive that is full to the brim of data, I can't back it all up so is there a way of downgrading a slim console without the hard drive being formatted?

    In a nutshell, I want to go to 3.50 and back to 3.41 with all my save data, game data, homebrew and game dumps left intact. Is this possible for a PS3 slim console?


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    ok, since you upgraded your ps3 hdd to 650gb im sure you still have the old one you replaced. If you do, pop that one in and then do your upgrading/downgrading so everything will stay intact on your 650gb. If you don't still have the hdd you replaced then i would recommend buying/borrowing a hdd for this suggested method. This is how i do it, i replace my 320gb with the original 40gb, upgraded to 3.50, play games, downgraded back to 3.41 then replace 320gb.

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    I'm surprised that works, don't you get any errors/file corruption on the PS3 when you put your 320gb back in after downgrading?

    I currently use my original HDD in a USB enclosure and use it as my external USB HDD, so that has been formatted since the swap. Would this be a problem? I'm aware it would need to be formatted again once i've installed it in the PS3...

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    No it won't be a problem. All you will need to do is put it back in your PS3 and have firmware v 3.5 on a flash drive. The PS3 will enter drive recovery mode and will reformat the HD with the 3.5 firmware. It will reboot and work normally.

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    And once I've downgraded back to 3.41 I can re-install my 650GB HDD and everything that was on there before will be there for me to continue to use? Such as: save data, game data, homebrew and game dumps?

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