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    imakillu518 Guest

    Downgrade PS3 with progskeet or infectus 2 help?

    I have a 3.66 OFW and wanted to know whats the correct way to downgrade. I have a dongle and a itouch to put the console in service mode can anyone help or guide me to the correct procedure.

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    racer0018 Guest
    If you would like I could make up a guide for you. But for the most part, you have to install the chip, dump the nor / NAND chip. Patch the dump with the downgrade bin. And then flash the edited dump back to the ps3, use something to get it into service mode and then all the files to install Cfw and to get it out of service mode.

    Like I said if you would like I could make a guide for you. Or you can search progskeet downgrade and it will come up with a guide.

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    oceansoul Guest
    Will be nice for some guide with users with dual nand for fat ps3 ... Also its so hard to find downgrade.bin file on internet seems that file is only uploaded to megaupload ... if you have please upload it somwhere for me and send me link please !

    What you have i try to found for you infectus or progskeet ?

    I suggest you progskeet crystal edition + adpter with flat cables + nad clips (if your ps3 is nand) + with infectus jtag programmer !

    Wish you luck with downgrade !

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    imakillu518 Guest
    Please that would be great for me i am interested in purchasing Progskeet v1.1 crystal blue (word this work>?). I will be performing this downgrade soon. I have a itouch 3g to put it into service mode and i can solder.

    Do i need to have the chip connected after?

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    oceansoul Guest
    Nope when you downgrade you dont need progskeet connected ! For crystal ver 1.1 you dont need wires just 2 for vcc and 3.3v power up you have adpater with flat cables and clips ... you have full guide for progskeet on official web site progskeet with software and drivers.

    When you dump bios backup just made it 5 times and check is ok with flowbuilder or ask someone to help you to check dump files i conttact msparky from progskeet and he help me lot of and still helping to back up my ps3 in life !

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    imakillu518 Guest
    So crystal can go solderless i guess? I will go with the solderless install since it looks much safer what will i need to downgrade the ps3 "NAND".

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