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Thread: downgrade ps3 firmware 3.50

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    daveharvey Guest

    downgrade ps3 firmware 3.50

    Hi, does anyone no away to downgrade the PS3 fat from firmware 3.50 to 3.42 as I have just got a PS3 key and realised the system is on 3.5.


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    General Plot Guest
    Simply put: You can't. Any firmware past 3.41 at this point is locked out of jailbreaking ability (at least for now). I'm not sure why you updated knowing you ordered a jailbreak device.

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    daveharvey Guest


    Thought that and thanks for the responce.

    Its my sons and he told me it was on 3.41, but when i got the stick for him and brought it to setup he had updated it, he will have to wait then as like the idea of putting the games on the HD to save the disks.

    again much thanks

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    Drakhen Guest
    This has been answered numerous times now, 3.42 the jail break will not work on either, the system needs to be on 3.41, your bestr bet would be to but it up on ebay and buy another system while you still can get system with 3.41, I am sure the newest system sony makes has at least firmware 3.42 on them, and as far as downgrading goes currently there is no way to do so, and highly doubtfull it will happen anytime soon on system with firmware higher then the 3.41

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