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    ScienceOfThePS3 Guest

    Downgrade a PS3?

    Wouldn't it be possible to downgrade a PS3 using PS3 ProxyServer GUI, a modified version ps3-update.txt, and replacing the updated firmware link with the firmware that you want to downgrade?

    I'm currently on 2.41, and if I say that the latest firmware is 3.00, the PS3 will then request that I download the latest firmware, which is actually is version 1.10. Won't that work? This is just a thought.

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    IanJ Guest
    Nope. The only way to downgrade is with an infectus and a back up of your old firmware at the moment.

  3. #3
    doggydawg Guest
    that way it would probably download the file but not install it ...

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    lionmike247 Guest
    how can u downgrade 1.00 original firmware?

    are u allowed to download BETA firmwares?

  5. #5
    NEMESIS0744 Guest
    No, you can not downgrade a PS3 to FW 1.00

    And, what do you mean by "beta" FW, you mean DEBUG FW?

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    lionmike247 Guest
    But, why can't u install?

  7. #7
    Stonecutter Guest
    The PS3 checks what FW version you are running therefore if you are running 2.41 and try to downgrade to 1.00 it won't allow you. Once you modify a PS3 update to make it think its a higher update version when its really lower doesn't work either because as soon as you do it you will break the signature on the update.

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    lionmike247 Guest
    But can you download BETA FW on the net on your comp, then transfer the file or file(s) on a SD card or USB memory Stick (Drive)?

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