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Thread: downgrade with no blue ray drive help?

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    hajo1 Guest

    downgrade with no blue ray drive help?

    i tried to downgrade with no blue ray drive,but it failured,is there a way to get my ps3 downgraded with no blue ray drive in my ps3?

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    cackalack Guest
    you don't need the bluray drive but you do however need the logic board off the bottom of drive, it needs the bluray power lead plugged in and the data ribbon from the logic board to the motherboard

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    hajo1 Guest
    i don't have the logic drive board,can i put another driveboard in it ?

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    X3nophon Guest
    Usually that's not possible, because the specific drive board is "married" to the mother board.

    In this news it is however mentioned that there is a possibility to change the keys:
    Furthermore, the systems can be re-flashed to any software version as well. The system's keys can also be "rearranged", such as the marrying of the PS3's BD-ROM Drive (or controller) with the mainboard.
    It would be interesting to see some development with the service mode. I would think that all those Jig elumators popping up have a lot more potential than just being a tool for downgrading.

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    cackalack Guest
    I've never had to try I've always had the right board but apparantly just for the purpose of a sucessful upgrade / downgrade.

    You can use another consoles board of the same type, basically the upgrade goes round a track if the bluray logic boards missing its like a bit of the track missing so the train stops so to speak but a replacement board of same type will bridge the gap and upgrade / downgrade will complete. I hope you unsterstood my mad explanation

    what I've just told the lad about using another logic board came from one of the top lads on here with 40+ rep, so I trust it to be true, I personally haven't tried it, I've never had to.

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    hajo1 Guest
    i buy another board and i wil try it, thanks.

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