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Thread: Downgrade NAND PS3 with NAND Flash Bin help?

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    NotJustAnyRob Guest

    Downgrade NAND PS3 with NAND Flash Bin help?

    Hello everyone, while running SEN Enabler (On Rebug CFW) I got a black screen and decided to reinstall the same CFW that I had before from the Recovery Menu. After it was done I tried to run one of the few apps that I had there but none of them worked at all.

    Then went to check the System information to see what was going on and saw that it updated to a damn higher software version (3.72) when I reinstalled the CFW from the Recovery Menu thinking that It was from the USB.

    I later found out that the PS3 had a game disc inside and I think that was the reason why It updated to that software version. Right now I feel like smashing It and It still look new since 2007.

    I at least have the backups of the NAND Flash bins and I'm wondering I can downgrade it back to 3.55 with that or with a method that the user from here (mushy409) posted back in 2011 using these softwares; PS3NANDProgrammer v1.41, Infectus NAND Flasher v1.0.42, Flow Rebuilder v4.1.3.2 and Hexeditor. If not then whats the best I can do to downgrade it from 3.72 to 3.55 without soldering the PS3 using those bins files?

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    niwakun Guest
    at least you seen that blue led light lit up before upgrading tbh, unless the switch board is broken,

    anyway, you need a flasher, progskeet will do the job just right with 100% support in current flashing, there's also a NAND clip and optional 3 wires to solder (if you dont want to solder it, just leave PS3 turn on for a while to power up the chips, the 3 wires are required to power up the chips without powering up the PS3.

    also to patch the NAND you just dumped in your PS3, rogero flash downgrader application for windows is there for you, its a very easy job, just drag and drop the dump and the application will do all those 30+ steps to patch your NAND dump automatically and will be done in 2-3minutes.

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    mushy409 Guest
    If you want to downgrade to 3.55 specifically (rogero is for going straight to 4.46 CFW) you'll need to use the patcher built into Progskeet (Winskeet) software.

    Apply the patch file to the 256Mb interleaved image you have, split & reflash (differential)

    I've attached the patch files & txt to go with

    Also DON'T use flowrebuilder - use instead.

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    jensen76 Guest
    i only use one wire from nand board to progskeet to fire op my nands...

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    NotJustAnyRob Guest
    Everything sounds easy, of course but I really can't find any proper tutorial explaining/showing how to set up everything, for example where to solder the ProgSkeet, the PS3 and other things. I don't mind soldering the PS3 either. Would be nice if someone posted a good tutorial to do all that stuff. Anyways, thanks everyone, I really appreciate your help.

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    abhi95 Guest
    Hi i need help! i installed the flasher on a cech 2503b and it will only come on for about about 2 seconds, then i took it off and my ps3 is working fine.

    can someone help please!!

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