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Thread: Downgrade from CFW 4.30 to CFW Kmeaw 3.55 help?

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    kalaner Guest

    Question Downgrade from CFW 4.30 to CFW Kmeaw 3.55 help?

    Hi Guys, i am using CFW4.30 rogero v 2.3 and want to get back to CFW KEAMW 3.55 and i tried the usual way but it does not work, so all help is welcome.


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    Liongooder Guest
    You mean that Rogero 4.25-to-3.55 Downgrader.PUP didn't work, well i'm not sure about this but have you tried using the rebug 999downgrader.pup cause they say it will set the SYSCON COREOS version to 9.99 on purpose, after that all that you need is

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    kalaner Guest
    Thx Liongooder i may give it a try, but is there any easy way?

    No, i am on CFW 4.30 it says in my settings system!

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    Liongooder Guest
    I know its 4.30, even when rogero released the 4.30 CFW, he posted 4.25 to 3.55 downgrader, he never posted 4.30 to 3.55, you can check yourself and it worked for me but back then i was on 4.30 v1.02, then i downgraded to install rebug 4.21, just try it through recovery mode.

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    kalaner Guest
    The reason i wanted to downgrade to 3.55 was that PS-Unban only worked on 3.55, but now it works the laters version too, so i do not need to downgrade, but thx guys for your help, atleast now i know how to downgrade!

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