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    prudhviram Guest

    Exclamation Downgrade 2.4 > 1.5 > 1.0 ?

    Can i downgrade my ps3 from FW 2.41 to FW 1.5 or FW 1 ????? any method available yet

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    Takavach Guest
    hi and welcome ...
    no one can do it .

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    pacific808 Guest
    There is only one current way but odds are you can't do it because it involves using a mod chip. Because the infectus chip allows you to backup your firmware and restore older backups. And you can just install an infectus chip and then ask someone for their backup because each backup is different. This is because each firmware is custom coded for each motherboard. There is speculation that there is a jigkick downgrade like psp has.

    Umm when am I gonna get my quality post? Its been like 2 weeks

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    Apr 2005


    Quote Originally Posted by pacific808 View Post
    Umm when am I gonna get my quality post? Its been like 2 weeks
    Posts in this Newbie section and the PS3 Theme section don't count as stated in the STICKY threads (more than once).

    Although, I do +Rep people who post in these for their useful replies.... but Reps don't count towards post count/quality posts so you will have to post in the non-Newbie/Theme PS3 sections for those.

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    pacific808 Guest
    I see, I thought you guys were ignoring me.

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    ez345 Guest
    i thought a method to downgrade was found??

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