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    ligator Guest

    Doubts about stereoscopic 3D format?

    I would like to understand the basic concepts of this innovative way to enjoy PS3 games:

    How does 3D technology? How I can know if my TV is compatible with the format in 3D? What do I need to play 3D content titles on my PlayStation 3 system? Do I need to wear glasses to enjoy 3D content with the PS3 system?

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    1. If you ask how DOES it work - simply put - the device (PS3, 3D BD player etc.) generates two pictures - one for each eye and the TV or display must asure that correct picture is delivered to the corresponding eye.

    2. 3D TVs are clearly marked / marketed / 3D functionality is listed in their specs. Basically any 3D TV on the market like from Sony, Samsung or Panasonic should be compatible. There are some small nuances like maximal frequencies or type / version of HDMI connection etc. but I doubt there is any 3D TV currently available not compatible with let's say PS3.

    3. Corresponding firmware 3.30 (I believe) for 3D Games and 3.50 for 3D movies. 3D TV - obviously - connected by "3D" HDMI lead (basically one capable of v1.4 HDMI frequecies) and indeed 3D active / shutter glasses.

    4. Yes you do - all current systems use active 3D shutter glasses.

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