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    syuz008 Guest

    Doom 3 BFG edition 3.55 help?

    I downloaded Doom 3 BFG edition repack from torrent and downloaded the duplex eboot fix and replaced the files. I also did the md5 checksum its all okay. When i start the game the screen goes black and then returns to XMB with 80010017 error message help?

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    ttesterzz Guest
    I have the BLUS31024 version and the modded 3.55 eboot works fine when I was on kmeaw. Whenever i get that error message usually tells me that the eboot is not working. I downloaded the duplex version too as well as used there fix. Note that they had to do a repack due to previous rip missing English language just a heads up.

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    earl998777 Guest
    How did you tell you have a BLUS31024 version? I am trying to get GOD mode for Doom 3 BFG and I have no idea where to start.

    Does anyone know how to mod doom 3 bfg on PS3, I also don't know what version I have, how can I tell? I am new to modding so I would need step by step instructions on how to put the file on my PS3 I assume with a flash drive from my pc I guess, please help I want GOD mode on Doom 3 BFG, Thanks

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    jackalexander Guest
    Have you tried using bd-mirror (select + X)? I also downloaded the game & so far, I don't have any problems with it. Also, the EBOOT.bin & PARAM.sfo should be placed in their respective folders.

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