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Thread: Doing a full Data transfer to new PS3 using ethernet?

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    DeViL303 Guest

    Doing a full Data transfer to new PS3 using ethernet?

    I want to transfer a lot of full PSN games to a newer ps3 as I dont trust the one they are on as its very old and fans getting louder, both the ps3s have firmware 3.15 so I cant go online to reactivate games or deactivate old system afterwards.
    I have already used up the five ps3s that I can link to my account so can not activate a new system (ie. link it to my user account which purchased content can be downloaded on)

    What I want to know is :

    A: If I do a full data transfer will it deactivate the old ps3 and activate the new one to my account automatically with out having to go online?
    B:Will my games all still work if the system activation isnt a problem?

    Please note I need 100% accurate answers on this from people who have done it as I will be risking all my content if I try this.

    Thankyou for any help.

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    BigBossPW Guest
    You need to deactivate your old PS3 yourself, once you've done that then they will play fine.

    To deactivate your old PS3, go to Account Management, System Activation and then deactivate your system.

    Hope this helps

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    DeViL303 Guest
    But I cant go online as im on 3.15?? Are you saying that if I Could deactivate my old system , my new one would activate automatically without going online?

    have you actually tried this or are you just guessing?? how would my games work after transferring if i had already deactivated them?

    Really dont think you read my question, like I said I need 100% accurate information from someone who has done this as there is a risk involved, a guess isnt good enough. If I could go online and deactivate I would not have any problem... so that wasn't really any help.

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