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Thread: Does Easy Backup Wizard really make playable backups?

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    ju2ef Guest

    Does Easy Backup Wizard really make playable backups?

    I've found a software that apparently can make a playable backups for ps3. Unfortunatly it cost 30 dollars and i need blu-ray writer which is to expensive, but maybe someone already tested it. I know that someone will tel that if that was possible everyone knew it but my couriosity doesn't let me sleep.

    If anyone got any info about that please answer. Please give answer anyone.

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    I moved this to the Newbie section.. to answer though: All of those programs don't work for the PS3, as expected they are just scams in hopes of getting people's money (which is why I removed the URL).

    Currently there is no way to play PS3 back-ups, however, you can back-up the discs to image format using PS3 Linux, PS3 SAK or a PC Lite-On DH-401S drive.

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    ju2ef Guest
    thanks a lot for very quick answer

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    shummyr Guest
    it's a scam, stay far away!

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