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    Question [Answered] Does anyone have the 160GB Slim PS3?

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    I am planning to buy this system and is wondering what is the firmware that comes with it. Thanks.
    Best Answer - Posted by bitsbubba:

    buy it somewhere that you wouldn't think they sale them very often.

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    I bought it three days ago and had 3.40.

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    Same here, 3.40 3 weeks ago.

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    I'll have to confirm this also; my friend bought a 160gb about 4 weeks ago and it was on 3.40.

    If you plan to jailbreak via iPhone 2g-3G using psfreedom and iphodroid...when you get to the "init" part of iphodroid and push power button followed by the eject button, unplug the phone from USB port as soon as it stops scrolling through the things on the phone. Otherwise the jailbreak will not work.

    Just wanted to throw that in there.

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    Thanks for the answers guys. Just to make sure we are on the same page, this is the product you guys are talking about right?


    The bundleless package 160GB system for 299.99.

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    Yes that's the product i'ma talking about, bundless ps3 160gb.

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    The models that were manufactured and distributed before the JB will have below 3.41 and the ones that in the stores currently as they haven't been replaced.The newer ones such as the new bundles and the 320GB will have 3.41+ to combat against the JB.
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    i'm about to get the 160gb fat ps3

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    Nope I just got it from bestbuy. The firmware that it came with is 3.42. Damn I have to return it now.

    System model is CECH-2501A by the way.
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    buy it somewhere that you wouldn't think they sale them very often.


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