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    [UnAnswered] Do you think Square-Enix should remake FFVII?

    Surprisingly, no one has asked this question yet. So I would like to start a poll.

    We all seen FFVII in the tech demo, my question is should Square-Enix remake Final Fantasy VII in the future and/or a sequel like X-2 or you think that is overrated?

    As for me: hell yes. Just think about make me *drools*...

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    Jan 2007
    I would love for them to do a remake, but it would have to be done right and would have to live up to the original. I wouldn't mind if all they did was completely update the graphics and leave the gameplay as is.

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    I say yes, but if they change much of anything (like say the music from what it was to ochestra) that you could "Select" -Option "Original" for what it was, would be even turning back to "Original Graphics" would be neat

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    I was thinking more like the graphic from the movie "Advent Children" and the game play from the XII or XIII.

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    I think it isn't a matter of whether it will happen but when it will happen. Squeenix MUST know that recreating FF7 is essentially a license to print money. Here's hoping that they re-do FFXIII too

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    Jan 2007
    It'll happen, I don't doubt that for one second.

    When is the only question that should be asked.

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    Apr 2005
    I'm 100% for redoing/overhauling the graphics but makeing the game 100% the same otherwise.

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    Apr 2005
    they'll do it... I just hope they don't change ANYTHING in the game... (hope they don't change the battle system like in ffxII... that would be like killing FFVII )

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    I would like to see two versions, which simply won't happen. None the less, I would like to see a graphically enhanced revision of FF VII with no other changes, and then a second "Next-Gen" Edition with an improved battle system and possibly a further advanced and in depth story line. But that's just me. Knowing Square, they would make at least two versions of editions of the new FF VII no matter what.

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    Jun 2006
    no enhanced battle system.... its enhanced as it is... change the graphics and do more emotional cutscenes and it will be the killer app for ps3.

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