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    A remake of FF7 would be cool but i think the original still holds up well today saying that though if they could produce graphics that closely resemble Advent Children i think it would be awesome to say the least.

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    You guys doesn't like the battle system on XII? what about XIII base on the trailer?

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    12 had a decent system, but when it comes down to it, it's just about the same as all the others due to the gambit system being more or less useless. If anything, the only good things about 12's battle system upgrade was:

    1. No more stupid random battles.

    2. Characters circle and hit the enemies realisticly (unless their flying).

    3. The gambit system lets you just tell your teammates to just keep using attack while you worry about the character you currently have selected (also being able to jump in and stop charging moves to change them to something else).

    Quite personally, if they did change the system to mimick 12, I wouldn't mind as long as the whole Materia system stays the same.

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    They should definitely do it. Look at Capcom with Megaman. They remade it with newer graphic, although I can't say I liked it. But at least it was possible that company can re-release a game with updated graphics, yet stay true to its original core.

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    Well, I'm getting old (or poor ) to buy consoles as they come to the market. But a remake of the best game ever, in my opinion of course, it would be a ticket to go and buy the damn console ASAP.

    Battle system of FFXII in FFVII? Never! The battle system is good for FFVII as well is good for FFXII, no point in mixing them up.

    Graphics? Well, the PS3 hardware has to be given some good use no? Just imagining the end of the 1st CD on those pimped PS3 graphics gives me the goose bumps.


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