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    Do you still need lvl 2 patcher and fix file permission pkg's?

    Haven't updated multiman in about 2 months and put on latest version. Do I still need lvl 2 patcher and the fix file permission thing?

    I am ripping one game of my own from my own BR and others are my friends copies of games he did a while ago as that way I can just shove it in my pc and copy the dvd to my hard drive at a much faster rate than a blu ray drive would read the discs fast then i can just FTP them so if I need to change permissions its good to know!

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    The latest one incorporates auto lv2 patching. Also, fix permissions is inbuilt in multiMAN and should be run only once.

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    Thanks, I installed the pkg anyway as was getting BDemu message on starting Multiman and didn't know where to get latest version of it.

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