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    Do you have to do coolings mods to a PS3?

    I have an xbox360 I have modded because of the heat buildup and rrod problems with that console. Does the PS3 suffer from similar problems? Are there any mods that are a good idea to do to help prolong it's life?

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    yes and no, with a new slim you have nothing to worry about but the origional fat's could use a few upgrades such as a cooler running power supply and better thermal paste. my cecha01 had the hottest power supply drawing 200 unused watts and after swapping the aps226 in the unit has been running very noticiably cooler. before if I put my hand where the power supply is on the case it would be verry warm now it has to be running for a while before it even gets slightly warm.

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    Great thanks

    I do have the newer slim, so I should be good to go...

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    most of the fat ps3, if not all, suffer from this problems and in the worst case scenario can cause YLOD. Slim ps3 has smaller chip and uses less electricity and generate less heat. Just make sure your ps3 has >10cm of space behind it to allow good air flow.

    Im no expert. I have the slim ps3 and it hasn't cause any problems other than the occasional screen freeze...had to do a hard reboot (which is really annoying if you dont like auto-save).

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    can you put the latest phat power supply in an old 60gb in order to save power/heat? or would it not work due to the extra processors... because i know you can do it for 40gbs without issue.

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    Great idea... thanks everyone. I just finished modding my xbox... and that's a necessity for sure with that console.

    I would ideally like to leave mine on all the time because of using jailbreak with it and then at least my 6yr old can play it when he wants without me having to go through the song and dance of starting it up correctly every time he wants to play it.

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