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    B4rtj4h Guest

    Question Do you get banned from PSN with PS3Break?

    Ok. I think this has been asked 100 times :|. But i am not capable of finding it. Is it true that you get banned when you try to go online with a Jailbroken PS3?

    I am hoping to get a PS3Break soon. But i need to be sure this is not the case... (because i have 2 PS3 systems ... 1 with a broken blu-ray (PHAT)and 1 with a working one (SLIM)).

    Thanks in advance.

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    oVERSoLDiER Guest
    You shouldn't, because you can't run Jailbreak on the newest Firm Ware.

    No one of my friends are get banned yet.

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    Doughber Guest
    well i have heard that you can't even sign on to PSN with proxy program anymore so my guess would be no you can't since no one can get online anymore with the proxy thing.

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    B4rtj4h Guest
    Well i googled and there was an error code you received. Sony was able to track down the install code from backupmanager.

    And you can get online with some tricks?!

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    GrandpaHomer Guest
    "Getting online" doesn't mean ONLY to log into PSN ... you can indeed be online with your PS3 practically on any FW and even while in JB mode (if you "brave") enough but indeed you'll be not able to login to PSN or play any games online unless you'll update to latest FW. Even then - Sony might be able to find traces on your PS3 from your previous "adventures" with JB - so be cautious.

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