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Thread: Do we really need more Lego games?

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    wicked insanity Guest

    Question Do we really need more Lego games?

    Another article from the latest Playstation Official Magazine.


    If you didn't enjoy the Lego Star Wars games or - worse - never played them in the first place, I can only assume there's a shrivvelled walnut where you heart is supposed to be. Whats not to love? Not only did Traveller's Tales (the developer of the series) remake such an iconic film series using just as equally iconic toy, They did so with stacks of humour and devilishly moreish last-go factor. Lego Star Wars was a shooter, puzzler and adventure game, and was absolutely brilliant.

    So what's wrong with other series being given the Lego treatment? If anything, Lego Batman and indian Jones won't nearly be enough to satisfy my plastic greed. I want a little Marty McFly and Doc Brown screaming their toy Delorean through time in Lego Back To The Future. I need to see mini John McClane cleaning house in Lego Die Hard. And what about TV shows? Lego Thundercats anyone?? The potential for this is unwordly...


    It comes down to two questions: What made the first Lego Star Wars so good? And why has the decision been made to make more Lego games? The first is easy, Lego Star Wars was excellent because it was fresh and cut right through years of exploitative Star Wars brand-whoring to deliver a charming game that recreated that incredible feeling the first time you watched the films.* By some wierd alchemy, the stumpy figures brought a revalation to the series which had been worked to the ground and - with the release of the prequel trilogy - had become a ubiquitous, flavourless nothing.

    The second question is tougher. Are they making more games becuase the first was so good? Maybe. But more likely the green light has been given by publishers who want a slice of the moeny. With the original the fit was just right - an ageing series that needed new life. But Indiana and Batman haven't had the over exposure synonomous with Star Wars, and so the Lego tei-in becomes the sort of cynical merchandising that ruined Lucs' saga in the first place. The games don't exist becuase their whats best for the fictional worlds and characters they are bound by but are good for the banks balances of the developers.

    * [Although I want to know were the games good because it was Star Wars or because it was Lego]

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    BozzaJ Guest
    I think the 2 Star Wars lego games were good because they covered all 6 episodes, very nicely in only 2 games.

    Other Star Wars games always ket you down on low graphics quality, so instantly you question the game. Lego Star Wars doesn't try to be eye popping gorgeous, it's just a neat addictive game that covered the elements of the Star Wars films perfectly.

    Time will see as to what the new lego games will be like, but I am looking forward to trying them.

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    InsanityQ Guest
    A lot of people liked the lego star wars game. I am pretty sure another lego game would be in demand.

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    bernzburnz Guest
    They will milk it till it bombs.

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