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Thread: Do PS3 Game Updates touch Firmware?

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    dboy1612 Guest

    Do PS3 Game Updates touch Firmware?

    Just a quick one for you guys as googling around for half an hour didn't seem to give me any results. I have a game that requires to install updates in order for it to work on a jailbreak system (COD World at War to be specific).

    I plan on installing the updates in order to get the game to work correctly, but I'm concerned that the update may install a firmware update as well with the game update, which I really want to avoid.

    Just curious, thats all, thanks guys.

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    Krisdog Guest

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    Cod ww.... I believe has a prompt for 3.15 or 3.40. The problem here is you cannot go backwards with your FW updates. If your on 3.41 (which I imagine you are if your Jailbroken) the only place to go is up with your firmware.

    So your mentality is to switch FW to backup this game with the games FW prompt is good thinking, EXCEPT this game requires lower FW and your JB device will not be recognized on any other firmware but 3.41 to allow recognition.

    On the comparability list it said it had been copied, there may be versions of the game that don't have the mandatory update.

    The crazy thing is you will have to just let that game beat you this time until we figure a way to JB on other firmwares. Hope this helps ...GOOD LUCK!

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    FMAranda Guest
    Game updates will not touch PS3's firmware, but only game updates. Now, system updates will change the firmware.

    Game updates are those that prompt to download after you load the game. System updates requires users to accept license contract and stuff.

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