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Thread: Do PS3 backup games have the same "quality" as retail games

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    hamzax7x Guest

    Do PS3 backup games have the same "quality" as retail games

    I was looking at the backup of Metal Gear Solid 4 and the backup size was 17.8 GB where as the retail games is 50 GB.
    How is there such a difference in size, what is being sacrificed? Would backups have the same quality as in graphics as normal PS3 games? Guessing from the size, there is something thats being sacrificed for the sake of size

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    JonahUK Guest
    Nothing is being sacrificed on the backup, there is no difference between a backup and a retail game.

    The disc may very well state 50gb but not all of that is used, probably filled with dummy data.

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    neophyte5001 Guest
    Blu-Ray discs are capable of holding "up to" 50 GB of data, but there is yet to be a game that uses that much capacity. FFXIII comes close, but most games fall well short of that. That said, games ripped using the backup manager are complete in every way, and aside from faster loading times, are indistinguishable from the real thing.

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    SwordOfWar Guest
    Except that some games are incompatible and most games won't work online or accept patches/updates.

    These limitations will probably be improved in the future.

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    jevolution Guest
    i can confirm that the information in the above 3 posts are correct.. as far as incompatibility goes, everything seems to be working if loaded from the internal hd thus far.

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    fldash Guest
    Hmm, I thought regardless of being internal or external most patches wouldn't install...

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