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Thread: Do no disk managers crash to xmb with ps button?

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    chrishamilton Guest

    Do no disk managers crash to xmb with ps button?

    i'm just wondering if its because my blu ray is broken or if all the no disk backup managers crash to xmb when ps button is pressed for everybody?

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    NinjaOptimus Guest
    nope, i've used BackupManager (original), BackupManager-Patched(n00bs mistakenly call it 2.0), and the OpenManager and none crash.

    the only issue i've noticed and what others tell me is very common is, that once you've played a backup game and exit to xmb, and you go to shut-down option in xmb. usually the shutdown text isn't displayed (like its stuck in loading), so you have to keep the PS button pressed to bring up the pop up menu to select the shutdown option from there (which 1 out of 4 times lead to forced shutdown, when the ps3 fails to shutdown the normal way).

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    marc2590 Guest
    Open Backup Manager would crash and reset your PS3 if you pressed the PS button to exit instead of the triangle button, but this has been fixed in the latest version.

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