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Thread: Do I need new cfw to play new games?

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    Shadowstitch Guest

    Do I need new cfw to play new games?

    i haven't messed around with my ps3 in a long time and i want to know if i cant play the newer games on kmeaw firmware or do i have to do the cex to dex or watever its called or do i just need to put the eboot fixes in folder and run them on my ps3

    thanks in advance

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    Pepuhz Guest
    There are a few releases that have kmeaw eboots but Rogero released cfw 4.25 so you can upgrade to that to play newer games without having to wait around for patches.

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    G Sus Guest
    most of the new games have patches for 3.55 and theres more arriving each day.

    even AC3 patch was released today.

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